Anatomy of an Affiliate Launch


Wouldn't it be nice to reap the rewards of launching without creating the product?

It's totally possible!

Launching isn't just for your own products. There is a lot of money to be made by applying launch strategies to affiliate launches.  

An affiliate launch is when you pitch a product or service someone else created to your audience/community in exchange for a commission (percentage of the sale).  

Anatomy of an Affiliate Launch is a 50-page guide that takes you behind the scenes of a successful affiliate launch where I made $9,000 in just 5 days.

Anatomy of an Affiliate Launch is a straight-forward guide to knocking your first affiliate launch out of the park!


  • Your Affiliate Launch Blueprint
  • 5 Tips for a Successful Affiliate Launch
  • The Exact Breakdown of What a Successful Affiliate Launch Email Looks Like 
  • An Email Swipe File that Converts! (the exact emails I sent to my email list to make $9,000!)

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