Toolbox: Your Best Year Ever


This toolbox was included in the Empowered Business Box in December 2020.

This Toolbox focuses on the back end of your business, including recapping the past year and planning for the next year. We've often found that the internet seems to "take a break" during the weeks of Christmas and New Years, which is a great time to focus on business planning.

This Toolbox includes resources to help you review the past year and plan for the next one. It starts with capturing the big picture of the last year, then using that information to plan for next year. It starts with high-level planning, then you'll work your way down to monthly planning.

We hope this Toolbox helps you make the next year your best year ever!


The Toolbox includes...

  • Year in Review Snapshot: Recap the past year's financials and major objectives with this Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  • Company Overview & Vision Slides: Visually tell the story of your business and create a high-level plan for the next year.
  • Quarterly Planning Trello & Asana Boards: Make a more detailed plan for each quarter of the new year.
  • 15+ Pages of SOP Templates: Start standardizing and organizing major functions of your business so you can easily hand off tasks to a contractor or team member when you're ready.
  • Monthly Goal Tracker: Keep a pulse on your business's financials and your major business objectives with this Google Sheets spreadsheet.

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