Practical Funnels™ Starter Kit


Your quick-start guide to building profitable Pinterest sales funnels for your business!


  • Practical Funnels Starter Kit eBook: 40+ pages of actionable advice for building a profitable sales funnel for the Pinterest visitor that both grows your email list and converts your new subscribers into paying customers.
  • Map Your Perfect HIKE Design Funnel for Pinterest: A PDF guide that will help you uncover the perfect customer journey that will both entice new leads and help you connect with new customers.
  • Double Dip Funnel Templates and Anatomy of a Landing Page Guides: The exact steps to build your own Double Dip Funnel with clear instructions of what goes where on your opt-in and sales pages.
  • Fill-in-the-Blank Landing Page Templates: Interactive PDFs for you to plan out the content of your landing pages so you can have a clear action plan before you start building.

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