Redefining Mom's Holiday Planning Spreadsheet


What if you had a holiday planner that organized everything in one place?

Getting organized for the holiday season has never been easier!

Your Holiday Planning Spreadsheet will help you...

  • reduce financial stress by helping you budget for the holiday season all year long
  • schedule out important traditions and events so you will not miss anything important
  • plan ahead so you can relax and enjoy the holiday season with your family
  • strategically take advantage of special deals on presents for your loved ones
  • save a ton of time year after year by copying your spreadsheet for next year

 What you'll get:

8 Actionable Tabs...

  • Holiday Gift Tracker never scramble for a teacher's gift again or leave a forgotten purchased gift behind
  • Holiday Budget estimate costs and track money as you spend it. No more debt over the holidays!
  • Holiday Food Tracker keep track of your favorite dishes, recipes, and ingredients you'll need to purchase
  • Holiday Card Mailing List stop texting your mom for Aunt Mary's address every year!
  • Brain Dump organize all of your action items in a list by due date
  • Black Friday Deals keep track of important details for the best shopping day of the year
  • Holiday Savings Plan don't wait until November to start saving for the holidays, set up a strategic weekly savings plan for the year
  • Holiday Traditions and Events logically organize your holiday schedule

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